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1,000 Gallon Offset Smoker used to perfectly smoke Craft BBQ for Catering events in Austin, TX

Smokin Beauty is a family-run business based in Austin, Texas.  We started out as a Food Truck in 2018.  It was called Ted's Farm and we were parked outside of Southern Heights Brewing Co. on the East side of Austin.  The main concept was to fuse together Texas Bbq with Vietnamese food.

We then opened our first brick & mortar in 2020.

In 2023, we decided to focus solely on Catering.  And we have become one of the best caterer options in Austin, TX.  We focus on office catering, corporate catering and we will cater your WeddingAustin Wedding caterers don't usually specialize in BBQ, but we do!  We strive to be one of the Best Catering Companies in Austin.  We are one of the Top Wedding Caterers in Austin, TX.  

Today, you can come and see us anytime at Walnut Creek Pub.  We're doing a ton of catering under the name "Smokin Beauty".  And we're smokin' the meats right out front of our pub.  So if ya see smoke coming out of the smokers, we're probably getting ready for another catering order.  See ya soon!

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We only take on 1 large order a day.  Fill out the proposal and see if your date is available.

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